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I became a doula because I was tired of the standard narrative around birth - that you either had a magical unmedicated vaginal birth or traumatic cesarean. I was tired of hearing women make comments around failing at birth or motherhood. I understand that this is not an easy journey for most of us but it also not a pass or fail situation either. I provide rich and thorough information so my clients can make the best the choices for their families.

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Birth is an intense, transformative experience.

As your guide, I am here to help you surrender to the unknown and tap into your inner strength.

I provide education through prenatal visits and resources throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

I stay with you through the entire duration of your birthing journey.

I do not perform any medical services or procedures.

Only accepting referrals or repeat clients.

I help to remind my clients of their inner strength while bringing them a sense of calm and peace.

We are so grateful to have had Angela as our doula for the birth of our third child. Angela was confident, caring, and calming. I relied on her to help ease my fears and she was able to keep me grounded. I loved Angela’s prenatal yoga classes, which always left me feeling energized & restored. It was the best decision ever!
— Kelly P.