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Providing families education and support through doula services.

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What is doula? A doula or birth coach is a support person. I offer birth, postpartum and bedrest doula services.

What is included in birth doula services? Birth doula services include two educational prenatal appointments, labor support and one postpartum appointment to help you debrief from your birth experience.

What does postpartum doula services look like? Postpartum doula services are customized to fit your family’s unique needs. Postpartum doulas mother the mother! Need a hot shower? Help with baby wearing? Light cleaning and organizing? Meal preparation? You got it!

Do I need a birth doula? No. Think of a doula like a personal trainer. You can workout and go to the gym without one. A doula, similar to a personal trainer will help you save some time on research, encourage you along the way, provide insider knowledge, share expert resources, and help you meet your goals. 

When should I hire a doula? It’s never too early or too late. Most clients hire me as their doula around 20 weeks.

What type of clients do you work with? I have experience with first time moms, second and third time moms, waterbirth, medicated and unmedicated birth, cesarean birth, VBAC, high risk, advance maternal age, assisted reproduction, preterm delivery, and loss.

How long have you been a doula? I attended my first birth shortly after the birth of my second son in 2015 and have been attending births ever since.

What made you decide to become a doula? Really it was a gradual and natural transition for me. After the birth of my first son, I immersed myself in knowledge and different experiences. I saw the clear need mothers had for a different type of care. A type of care that wasn’t exclusively “natural” and care that extended into postpartum (when mothers need it the most).

What is your training? I completed birth doula and postpartum doula certification through REAL Doula training organization. I have additional training in fertility, Rebozo and reiki. I am constantly learning! Ask me what book I am reading!

How many births do you attend? I attend 2-3 per month in order to give my clients my full attention. In the rare event I am unable to attend your birth, I have back-up doula to take my place.

What unique skills do you bring? I was a yoga teacher first, so I bring the gift of calm to every birth. I use my intuition and experience as a mother to support my clients through labor and into motherhood.

How do I support partners and family members? Through our prenatal meetings together we will discuss how partners can best support their partner through labor and beyond.

What can I expect with you as my doula? Professionalism, calm, and compassionate support.

How does the hiring process work? I work exclusively with a Las Vegas Baby Co. 1) Complete a New Client Form, 2) Free consultation, 3) Sign contact & pay deposit 4) Schedule prenatal appointments 5) Pay remaining deposit, 6) Labor and postpartum support.