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Yoga designed just for you.

Why private yoga? 1:1 work is like working with a personal trainer or coach. Yes, you can do it on your own or group setting, however the results will be different.

Yoga was traditionally taught from one teacher to student. The rise of group classes is a relatively new and Western approach. While I appreciate that group classes allow more people to try yoga, there is a special magic that happens within a private class setting.

Benefits of private yoga instruction:

  • Receive a customized practice based on your personal needs

  • Stay committed and accountable to your personal practice

  • Schedule yoga on your time

  • Minimize travel time

Private Yoga Specialties

  • Yoga for fertility

  • Prenatal yoga

  • Yoga for anxiety

  • Postnatal/postpartum yoga

  • Baby & me yoga

  • Diastasis Recti

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Private classes with Angela was like being wrapped and held in a long hug.
— Jennifer
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My teaching style is alignment based yoga rooted in lineages of Hatha, Iyengar and Anasura. Alignment being different from form. Form is the external presentation or look of the posture, alignment is based on principals and bio-mechanics of the body.

My classes vary from strong, strength building movements to yin, restorative long held postures. During a private yoga session, we take time to discover what movements and poses would best benefit you in the current moment. Our bodies are constantly changing, from day-to-day, from minute-to-minute. Honor it.

How do private sessions work?

Prior to your first session, I will email you a Private Client Intake to complete. This helps me get to know you better and understand your goals for each session. Unlike a group classes, private instruction flows more like conversation. Each session is tailored to your current situation, incorporating body, mind and spirit. 

Policies: Sessions are one-hour long and payment maybe made prior or after your session. Cancellations or rescheduling of sessions must be made 24 hours in advance.

Private Instruction Investment

Current private instruction is available as a single session or four session package. Working together on a consistent basis is required in order to develop a meaningful practice and allows clients to receive the most benefits.

Investment: $65 for one session or $240 for four sessions ($20 savings)

  • 60 minute customized yoga practices based on your goals

  • Yoga props provided during private session (in-person only)

  • Private session provided at location of your choice

What clients are saying...

I have a really busy schedule so I loved how easy and convenient private session were for me to fit into my schedule.
— Danielle
After attending prenatal yoga classes with Angela, I knew I needed to book private sessions. I was planning a natural birth and wanted to be as prepared as possible. Angela provided me with custom home practices to help me relax and prepare for labor. 21 hours of labor and I achieved the natural birth I had hoped for. Private sessions were definitely worth every penny!
— Julie