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dou·la - ancient Greek word for female servant

A doula provides education, physical support, and emotional support to individuals and families through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

Doulas support I offer:

  • Fertility and preconception support

  • Birth & Postpartum

  • Bed rest support

  • Sibling care

How is doula support different from a friend/relative, partner or other provider?

  • With the exception of postpartum and bed rest support, birth doula and sibling care means I work on-call. I leave my home, my family and current plans when you call me. Because of the nature of working on-call I take a limited amount of clients per month.

  • I have training and experience in the world of fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I know what it feels like to be a new mom and am intuitive to those needs.

  • I don’t work for or under any care provider such as a doctor or midwife which gives me an unbiased perspective.

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Doula support is customized to you and your families unique goals and desires. Here are a few examples of what birth/labor support and postpartum support may look like.

Examples Birth/Labor Support

Education - Provide information about the childbirth process, birth plan creation guidance

Physical - Hands on support during labor, massage, help create a soothing birth environment

Emotional - Words of encouragement, reminders of birth plan

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Examples Postpartum Support

Education - Provide and demonstrate evidence based feeding techniques

Physical - Preparing food, household organization, holding your baby so you can eat, sleep, or take a shower

Emotional - Listening, help you decompress from birth experience, companionship