Standing Foundation

It is easy to understand the importance of a solid foundation when building a house. In yoga we must also build a strong solid foundation from the root up. In yoga, your foundation is the part of your body that is touching the earth. It could be your two feet, hands, or even head.

Build a Standing Foundation Through Mountain Pose

Standing upright, bring your feet hip distance apart. Starting from the root, lift your toes and spread them evenly on the earth. Evenly distribute the weight on all points of your feet. Keep your knees soft. Lengthen your spine. Stack your three bowls: pelvic bowl, ribcage bowl, and head bowl. Bring your shoulders up, back, and down. Turn your palms out. Tada! Mountain Pose.

Notice: Does the weight feel evenly distributed through each corner of my feet? Are you swaying or do you feel steady?