Five Reasons to Join Mom & Baby Yoga

I know what you're thinking. "But I can barely dress myself and make it out of the house!" You are overwhelmed with nighttime feedings, changing diapers, adjusting to a new routine and not to forget the postpartum healing your body is doing! Adding a new child to the family can be an overwhelming and sometimes stressful transition. Whether you're adding your first child or fifth child, every transition is different.  

I emphasis to my students and clients, "Every pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood is experience is different. Let go of any expectations you may have regarding past or future experiences." 

What was once a simple, put on clean pants and grab your purse is now a long drawn out process. Leaving your house has now become this ginormous task.

Here at Mom and Baby Yoga we got your back. Mom and Baby Yoga is MORE than just a postpartum workout. We are a community of moms who are ready to support you.

Dishes in the sink? Spit up on your shirt? Baby is still napping? Running late? Join us. 

Five Reasons to Join Mom and Baby Yoga

1. Healthy and safe exercise - Movements and sequences are designed for the postpartum mom. Class size is limited to eight mom and babies to allow each student to receive individualized attention. We build strength gradually and customized to each individuals ability.  

2. No judgment zone - Leave your expectations at the door. What if my baby fusses all class? Then we breathe and move through the discomfort. There are no expectation for how your baby should act. If during class you need to stop and change a diaper or feed you baby, then you may join back in when you’re both ready.

3. Self-Care - I cannot stress the importance of taking care of oneself after baby. Self-care is critical for everyone. But especially for those who are taking care of others. Not only is this good for you, but you are setting an example to all those around you, including your baby. Your self-care is not optional. 

4. Prevent postpartum depression - Yoga is a mind and body activity. Learn breathing and mindfulness techniques to help cope with stress and anxiety. Regular exercise is also said to help release endorphins that make you feel happy. *Mom and Baby Yoga is not meant as a replacement for mental health services. If you feel like you are needing postpartum support, please join the Doulas of Las Vegas - Postpartum Support Group

5. Community - Finding your community is so important during this new phase. There is a lot to learn and different decisions being made. Surround yourself with others who are experiencing the same exact feelings and situations as you are.

Still on the fence? Read our Mom and Baby FAQ.