How can a doula help me during labor?

You have hired a qualified healthcare provider, taken all the birthing classes, read all the books, and receive daily updates from the app on your phone. You are probably wondering, how can a doula help me and do I need one? My partner and my mom is going to be there, who else do I need to support me? How can a doula help me?

How I can help you as your doula.

Once you have hired me as your doula, we will schedule two prenatal appointments prior to your birth. During those appointments I will help you map out your birth plan/birth preferences, discuss laboring positions and comfort measures.

If any questions or concerns arise prior labor, you have access to unlimited phone, text and email support.


Once labor has been established, depending on your preferences, I will meet you at your home or at the hospital. I will help set the stage for your desired birthing environment. 

What does labor support look like? Labor support may include:

  • Dim lights, candles, aromatherapies, music, etc.
  • Suggest position changes to help alleviate pain and aid in a smoother, more effective labor
  • Talk you through emotional blockages
  • Massage and other hands on comfort measures
  • Provide reassurance and encouragement 
  • Take pictures and/or videos 

Once baby is born, if you choose to breastfeed, I will assist with establishing baby’s first latch and provide basic breastfeeding support.


Included with labor support is one postpartum visit. If you feel like you need additional postpartum or overnight services, I may recommend a postpartum doula. Additional referrals will be provided if necessary.

What makes doulas special?

Doulas are with you the whole time and do not take breaks. Unlike doctors or nurses who see many patients in one day, your doula will be with you every step of the way.

Doulas do not replace dads or family members. Unlike dads and family members, this maybe the first birth that they have attended or attended in a long time. Family dynamics can play into your birth experience.

As your doula, my number one priority is you. I work with your healthcare provider to help you achieve the best possible birth experience.